Graphic: Trevor Nowak is treated by medical professionals.

Trevor tells his story after Outback motorcycle accident

Date published

19 Oct 2017

Trevor Nowak wrote to us recently to thank us for helping to save his life. This is his story of his motorbike accident on a holiday trip. 

Three of us on motorcycles and another mate in a Landcruiser were on the Strzelecki Track, about 50 kilometres south of Moomba, in the north east of South Australia. We hit a wet and slippery patch of road under repair and I fell heavily on my left side, which caused multiple, life-threatening injuries. I had four fractured ribs, a punctured lung, internal bleeding and was in severe pain. 

Fortunately the road crew had a satellite phone and phoned Moomba Health Service, who called in the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service. They assessed me and airlifted me to Moomba where an RFDS plane was waiting to take me to Adelaide for urgent, life-saving surgery. 

At Moomba I was further assessed and my pain was managed. Then the RFDS doctor called my wife in Adelaide and told her about my accident and injuries and when I was likely to arrive in Adelaide. She really appreciated this. 

When I arrived at Flinders Medical Centre I was quickly assessed and sent for CT scans before being operated on. I had 24 hours in intensive care and then five days in the high-dependency unit before going home. 

I recovered well and went back to work just six weeks after my accident. 

I am writing to you to highlight the importance of the services I received. It was vital that I could be evacuated quickly as I had serious internal bleeding and breathing difficulties. 

Trevor and his mates

The review at Moomba by the RFDS crew was excellent and I was prepared for evacuation to Adelaide without delay. Due to the extent of my injuries, timely evacuation was very important. 

Thankfully, I am pleased to say that these vital services were available when I needed them. Thank you once again for providing these wonderful services to the people of the Outback. The value of these services cannot be underestimated. 

When one travels or indeed lives and works in the remote areas of Australia, it is reassuring to know that help is available.

Will you please help us save more lives like Trevor's?