Graphic: Footballer Tai Martin-Page

RFDS Airlifts Footballer Tai Martin-Page

Date published

11 Jan 2018
Tai Martin-Page recovers in hospital following spinal surgery

The Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) has retrieved NTFL player Tai Martin-Page following a collision that dislocated his spine between the sixth and seventh vertebrae during a football match on Saturday 6 January. 

A medical jet - with a RFDS Doctor and Nurse on board - left Perth in the early hours of Sunday morning, landing in Darwin three-and-a-half hours later.

Martin-Page, who was in a stable condition, received 'care in the air' throughout the return flight to Perth, where he remains at the Royal Perth Hospital following emergency spinal surgery.

In addition to outback retrievals of the critically ill or injured, the RFDS provides urgent aeromedical transfers of patients between regional and metropolitan hospitals to higher levels of care.

The RFDS also delivers critical support to those who live in urban centres. This includes the regular transfer of patients to interstate hospitals for life-saving surgery such as organ transplant and heart surgery on newborn babies. 

On a daily basis the RFDS aeromedically evacuate 100 people to a tertiary hospital, as well transport over 193 patients by road ambulance for specialist care.