Graphic: An RFDS aircraft

Official statement - aircraft incidents

Date published

19 Dec 2016

Update - 19 December 2016

Essendon services were reinstated today and are currently operating as normal.

Update – 14 December 2016

As investigations into yesterday's unrelated incidents at Essendon and Moomba continue, the RFDS South Eastern section would like to provide updates about what occurred and how we are responding.

Our safety teams are currently at both locations assessing the aircraft and trying to determine the cause of each incident. While no one was injured in either incident counselling support has been made available to all those involved.

We would like to provide an update based on the information we have at present.

In Essendon, VIC the facts are;
  • The initial stages of the landing were normal. It was only towards the end of the landing sequence that the aircraft sustained a right hand under carriage failure.
  • There were six people on board in total; two patients, along with an observer, two flight nurses and a pilot.
  • This was a non-emergency patient transfer flight and the patients were transferred as planned.
  • Our non-emergency patient transfer services out of Essendon are currently suspended, but the rest of our services across the South Eastern Section are operating as normal. We are working to get Essendon services back to normal as soon as possible.
In Moomba, SA the facts are;
  • Three staff and no patients were on the flight to Moomba.
  • Our services out of Broken Hill base are currently operating as normal.

We are working closely with the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) to understand the cause of both separate incidents.

The health, safety and wellbeing of our staff and patients continue to be our top priority.

*** Original statement from December 13

Today (December 13) there have been two unrelated aircraft incidents that have occurred at separate locations reported by RFDS (South Eastern Section). Everyone on board both aircraft are safe and well and there are no injuries.

The first incident occurred this afternoon just before 1pm central time. A regular RFDS (South Eastern Section) clinic flight from Broken Hill had a landing incident in Moomba, SA. Three of our staff were on board the aircraft at the time. All staff are well and safe and exited the plane safely. No patients were on board.

Later on this evening at 6.20pm AEDT, an RFDS (South Eastern Section) aircraft experienced a landing incident in Essendon, Victoria during a non emergency patient transfer. None of the passengers were injured and all disembarked the aircraft in the normal manner.

We are liaising closely with the relevant authorities to understand the cause of both separate incidents.

As always the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff and our patients remains our top priority.