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Huge response from our donors

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12 Feb 2015

In March RFDS Victoria sent out a survey to all of our loyal donors. This was the first survey in four years that we've sent to our donors and we were blown away by the response. We wanted to find out more about our supporters, understand what matters to them, what our donors think of the RFDS and what they know and understand about our services that we provide in Victoria. We also wanted to better understand what our donors are interested in reading about and the events that RFDS Victoria hosts.

We mailed the survey to over 18,000 of our devoted donors and we received an overwhelming response of 3,600 surveys – thank you for taking the time to help us. We have been busy trying to respond to your questions with the help of our volunteers, who have been collecting all your comments.

Some of the interesting key findings from the survey found that 57% of respondents said that the main reason they supported the Flying Doctors was because they believed it was an essential service. We were also pleased to hear that 41% said that they are aware of our Victorian Mobile Patient Care service and that 23% said that they had children or grandchildren who would be interested in the Look Up! In The Sky (LUITS) education program visiting their school.

If you think your family's School would like the LUITS education program to visit, contact RFDS Victoria Education Manager Tom Ryan on 03 8412 0400.

A big thank you to each and every one of you who took the time to respond to the survey. We really do appreciate your time and effort.

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