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Thank you Dan Freeman

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02 Feb 2015

When 15 year old Dan Freeman from Wonthaggi Secondary College called us late last year about a fundraising project he was working on as part of his Year 8 studies, we were surprised by this young man's enthusiasm.

"One night after school while I was on Facebook, I saw the Royal Flying Doctors page pop up on my newsfeed. I clicked on it and started reading up about the Flying Doctors, after a bit of research on what services they provide in Victoria and around Australia, I was really impressed. It was then that I decided that I would start raising money for the Flying Doctors", Dan said.

Dan admits that he is really into medical research and medicine and that initially caught his eye when reading about the Flying Doctors. So with this in mind, Dan made arrangements with his teachers and Principal, and set up a uniform free day at Wonthaggi Secondary College to raise as much money as possible.

First off Dan contacted the RFDS Fundraising team for some brochures, posters and information about the Flying Doctors. He then set himself up in front of the School canteen and told as many students as possible about the free dress day and spread the word about the Flying Doctors and the medical retrieval and health services that we provide.

On the big day, Dan arranged for a class room to be freed up so he could play a DVD on the history of the Flying Doctors so students learnt all about the RFDS. He gave out prizes for students who donated the most amount of money, with one student donating $25!

In total Dan raised $450 for the Flying Doctors. Dan even came to visit us at the field day at Farm World Warragul and spoke to our Education Manager Tom Ryan about his fundraising efforts and 'how he's really into the services we provide'.

Dan's Foster mum Sue Pompei told us how proud she is of Dan's fundraising and his links to the community that he is developing.
"Dan is often larger than life and when he commits to something, it is his total focus. I only wished he did the same at home! My mother did a lot of outback travel and the flying doctors was an organisation she felt close too", Sue said.

We would like to say a very big thank you to Dan for his outstanding efforts. It's great to see students like Dan helping to keep the Flying Doctor flying.

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