Health and Wellbeing Workshops

Date published

13 Aug 2015

"Looking after yourself is not being selfish," says Jill Rigney, a trainer who joined the RFDS Mental Health team for a workshop for our network clients in Broken Hill recently. RFDS takes our role in keeping people healthy and well seriously as people living in rural and remote areas typically have poorer health outcomes and a higher number of potentially-preventable hospitalisations.

The Performance is Personal weekend workshop focussed on self-care and addressing issues many have to deal with, such as communication, managing stress and staying mentally well.

Additional topics included how business success is dependent on individual self-management, getting the balance between business and family interests, separating people from the issues at hand, having confronting conversations while maintaining relationships and managing highly emotive states. Participants were reminded that 'wellbeing trumps everything else'.

We were also invited to present at the Hatfield Happening, an event in May which was attended by more than 100 women from isolated areas, for social and workshop events. RFDS nurses Jo Beven and Vanessa Latham presented on holistic health issues along with Broken Hill practitioner Donna- Lee Wynan and our keynote speaker, Dr Rosie King, who spoke about relationships.

"It was not just a 'ladies day'," says RFDS Mental Health nurse Vanessa Latham. "It was an opportunity for much-needed socialisation, networking, information and sharing of talents and experiences."