Graphic: New RFDS doctors Shannon Townsend, Alexander Matthews and Karen Furlong

Dubbo RFDS recruits experience emergency training

Date published

01 Mar 2017

Three new emergency medicine registrars from the Royal Flying Doctor Service South Eastern (RFDS SE) Section got to experience just what could await them in their new roles when they responded to a simulated emergency, as part of a recent training exercise held in Dubbo.

The exercise saw Doctors Karen Furlong, Alexander Matthews and Shannon Townsend treat a woman suffering chest injuries and a broken leg after her vehicle overturned on a Wanaaring Station.

Flight nurses and other RFDS SE doctors joined the new recruits for the exercise.

RFDS staff training

"The training was designed for medical staff to experience a realistic medical scenario in outback conditions," Senior RFDS SE Medical Officer Dr Peter Brendt said.

"Doctors and nurses had to work together to provide shelter and shade, treat broken bones and secure the patient's airways – all while distraught family members looked on."

New RFDS SE recruit Dr Shannon Townsend said the exercise was important because "when you're working outside a hospital environment, you have to prepare for everything".

"Most training simulation exercises take place in hospital environments but given the nature of the RFDS SE Section's work, we have to prepare for a whole different set of challenges that could occur outside a hospital setting," she said.

Dr Townsend said she's enjoying her new role at the RFDS, especially as it has allowed her to return to her hometown.

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Dubbo RFDS staff training

"I grew up in Dubbo, went to primary and high school here, then studied mostly in Armidale and Tamworth before working in Orange for the past four years.

"I've always wanted to come back so to be able to do it working for such an iconic Australian organisation, while training to specialise in emergency medicine, is really great."

The RFDS SE Section's other new recruits have come from all over Australia, with Dr Fulong coming on board from the Sunshine Coast and Dr Matthews hailing from Western Sydney.

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