An unexpected emergency

Date published

26 Oct 2017

Living in the Pilbara Jan always appreciated the need for the Royal Flying Doctor Service, but it wasn't until her seven-year-old daughter had a terrible bicycle accident that she truly understood how vital the service is.

Jan will never forget Mother's Day this year. "Eliza was just cycling along when she was involved in a horrible collision. "Having taken her daughter to the local hospital, it was quickly determined that she needed more specialised treatment," Remembers Jan. "She'd sustained serious internal injuries and would need to be urgently transferred to Princess Margaret Hospital to receive the care she required."

Within an hour, the RFDS had Jan and Eliza on board heading to Perth. But what surprised Jan most was how quickly the treatment began.

Not only had the Flying Doctor spared Eliza a long and dangerous journey by road, in the air she had access to specialised medical equipment, and a team of expert Doctors and Nurses to keep her alive.

Eliza would spend three weeks at Princess Margaret Hospital recovering from her collision. However thanks to the incredible care she'd received, Jan was confident to return to their regional home knowing that the Flying Doctor would be there if they ever found themselves in serious trouble again.

"What happened to my daughter is not uncommon. And for many the Flying Doctor can mean the difference between life and death. It's why we're now offering our support with a monthly donation."

Through generous donations we're able to fitout our fleet of aircraft with state-of-the-art aero medical equipment, and ensure our Doctors and Nurses receive the specialist training they require to administer life-saving treatment in the air.

The RFDS evacuates over 8,000 patients every year from across our vast state, allowing those like Jan to live, work and raise their families confidently in remote locations across WA.

Your support helps to keep the Flying Doctor in the air,
and within reach of those who live, work and travel across our vast state.