Graphic: mia Degoumis, Michelle Mannion and Viv Degoumis

Caring Packsaddle Community

Date published

20 Jun 2017

Mia Degoumois and her fellow community members aren't just tireless advocates for good Outback healthcare services, they've been working on the frontline for many years to deliver those services.

Working with larger organisations like NSW Ambulance and the Flying Doctor, Mia and fellow residents ensure that people from Packsaddle and surrounding stations can get both emergency and primary healthcare support in a timely manner.

As one of five volunteer Ambulance Officers in the local community, Mia regularly delivers initial emergency medical care to the residents and visitors in the area. She is also one of 20 local State Emergency Services (SES) volunteers that are there for people in need.

"Living out here, we know services aren't as close by as if we were in the city," she said.

"The Flying Doctor are great but they can't be at accidents the moment they happen- it takes time for the plane to get here so during that time we can help out.

Mia said she's been coordinating the Flying Doctor clinics ever since they began in Packsaddle more than eight years ago.
"We set up a petition a few years ago to get a Flying Doctor clinic at Packsaddle and they listened to us and set up a regular one," she said.

"It's good because a lot of people are busy working and they don't always find time to look after their health until things get desperate.
"Having the Flying Doctor clinic here means people don't have to travel as far or as often to get their health checked.

"This means they can sort out any small health problems they have before they become big ones."

For any information about the Packsaddle community, contact Mia at her business, the Packsaddle Roadhouse, by calling (08) 8091 253 or by emailing