Graphic: Two PC-12s from Western Australia cruise over the CBD.

RFDS celebrates 80 years’ of service in Western Australia

Date published

15 May 2015

The RFDS in Western Australia today has five fully operational bases at Jandakot, Port Hedland, Kalgoorlie, Meekatharra and Derby, with a sixth being constructed this year in Broome; over 300 staff and 15 aircraft which cover the 2.5 million square kilometres of this vast state.

As the need and demand for our services continues to grow, the RFDS remains crucial to the health and safety of all Western Australians as they live, work and travel across the state. To ensure we can continue to grow the capability of our aero medical services, and deliver our primary health care services in areas of identified need, we must remain at the forefront of innovation, and continue to be the most trusted provider of aero medical services for all people in Western Australia.

Through initiatives such as the Aero Medical Fund, the introduction of the world first Pilatus PC-24 long range aero medical jet aircraft from 2017, and development of the new Broome base, the RFDS can continue to achieve the best possible aero medical and primary health care outcomes for all patients across WA.