Graphic: New Years

10 reasons to join the Flying Doctor on our Cradle Mountain Trek in 2018...

Date published

05 Jan 2018
lazy dog

1. You've been looking for something to get you out and active.


2. You've heard wombats do square poos but you want to see it for yourself.

mountain view

3. This could be you... what are you waiting for?


4. You can reject TLC's advice and actually chase waterfalls because you're the strong independent type and you will do as you please.

big deal

5. Although you actually achieved last year's New Year's resolution of not drinking alcohol for an entire month, you did it in February because it's the shortest month and you like to set realistic goals.


6. See number 2.

puffy jacket

7. You can put that puffer jacket that you got 70% off at the "mid season stocktake" Kathmandu sale to use.

just do it

8. Seriously, google "Wombat square poo".

cradle mountain

9. Oh! and scenery like this!


10. And of course, you will help Australia's most reputable charity continue its life saving work.