Maddison's unexpected journey

It all started on Tuesday 29th December. I had a sore tummy. My mum gave me some Panadol and a heat pack to help me sleep, but the next day I still had a tummy ache. Mum rang the doctors and we went and got him to see what was wrong. I had to have a blood test and was very brave. My mummy held my hand. It hurt.

The doctor said you need to go to the hospital, off we went. We got to the hospital and my tummy was very sore. We had to wait 4 hours for the hospital to call my name. My mummy found a wheel chair so I didn't have to walk.

When they called my name I got to lie down in a bed. I had an X-ray of my chest. I had lots of needles (they couldn't find my veins). I have Von Willebrand disease.

The surgeon came and said "We need to get you to PMH for an operation".

My mum rang my dad at work to come to the hospital to see me.

Two ambulance ladies came and drove mum and I to the airport.

We waited for a hospital plane - it was big. We got on the plane and there was a man called Malcolm. He got burned and needed to go to Perth hospital to get fixed as well. My mum was scared as she doesn't like plane rides.

It was 11pm and we could see all the city lights in the air. Mum said "it only takes 20 minutes to get to Perth". There was 2 ambulances waiting for us.

It was loud and bumpy in the plane. I loved the city lights. They were pretty.

When I got to PMH all the doctors looked at me. I got an ultrasound and they could see all my insides. My appendix looked wrong so they doctor put me to sleep. My mum said "when you wake up they will have put a camera in my tummy and taken my appendix out."

I had to stay in hospital for 3 days. We missed out on our New Years Eve party. PMH had a mega zone on Level 7 and when I got better mum took me to see it. I loved it so much.

My dad and brother came to pick me and mum up and take us home. On Saturday we got home at 7pm.

Thank you RFDS for getting me to the hospital safe and to the nurse for my teddy. I name him Jet.

From Maddison Rampin

Age 9