Iconic pub gets behind its beloved RFDS

The historic Silverton Hotel supports the Flying Doctor by raising much-needed funds through the year

Silverton Hotel

The owners of the historic Silverton Hotel know the importance of the RFDS in the outback. That’s why they always have a collection tin going around to raise funds.

Peter Price and his wife Patsy run the hotel, situated in the heart of the town it’s named for in far western NSW.

“I think anybody who lives in the bush is aware of the valuable service the RFDS provides,” Peter said. “And this understanding is spread to the cities when people travel in the Australian outback.

“The RFDS means you can have the best medical help anywhere in Australia and that’s a very comforting feeling.”

Although the couple hasn’t used the Flying Doctor themselves, Peter said they choose to support the RFDS by fundraising because “it’s important to know that help is available if required”.

“We have a tin situated in the hotel all year and we promote the RFDS services especially through the school holidays and the response is positive,” Peter explained.

“The amount we raise varies each year but most but most years we would raise $2000 from the tin.”

The Silverton Hotel, which celebrates 100 years of continuous operation on the present site, was last year voted Best Bush Pub in NSW.

“The hotel has had three buildings over its 134-year history all on the same site,” Peter said. “We have accommodation, great pub grub all day, heaps of memorabilia displayed around the place, and a great atmosphere with that all important country hospitality.”

For more information on the Silverton Hotel go to www.silvertonhotel.com.au

Silverton Hotel