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RFDS health promotion field days QLD

Preventing and Treating Cancer

‘Field Days’ were developed as part of a move to provide a more comprehensive primary health care service with a focus on prevention and promotion and are therefore an ideal program to engage communities in prevention and treatment of cancer.

Field days involve a morning session devoted to health education, information sharing, practical demonstrations, skill development followed by an afternoon clinic where community members can access a medical officer, child health nurse or mental health professional.
Field Day Sun Safety
To date field days have been held at rural and remote stations, road houses, national parks and island resorts across north Queensland. RFDS staff and local communities work together in scheduling field day locations and identifying health topics of interest.

One of the more common requests from communities has been the need for information and skills regarding cancer prevention and treatment. In response to this need, field days have developed a series of educational packages providing information and skills regarding preventing, early detection and treatment of cancers including skin, bowel, prostate and breast.

Furthermore, they have developed a partnership with the Qld Cancer Council, whom now regularly attends the field day via their community volunteer speaking program to provide vital knowledge, resources, support and linkages. The sessions aim to engage the whole community from sun safety sessions with kids, to hands on advice regarding early detection and support services for breast cancer or men’s health sessions.

One of the great benefits of field days is that following the morning information sessions people can follow up concerns in the afternoon through an appointment with the RFDS medical team.

Feedback from field day participants has reinforced the value of supporting people living in rural and remote communities to have access to services that can provide cancer prevention, early detection and treatment.

For more details contact the field day coordinator at the RFDS Cairns base on (07) 40 400 444 or go to RFDS QLD Health Promotion.